4 Ways to Create an Information Product with ZERO Expertise

Do you really need to be an expert in information marketing before you can create your own information product? The answer is”NO” and I am bent on showing you in this article that you can easily create your first information product with ZERO expertise, rather you will be leveraging the expertise of others who are already making it big time in your niche.

One of the greatest tool used in information marketing industry is “INFORMATION PRODUCT.” This two words joined together forms the basics of what information marketing stands for. In this article, I will be showing you what you really need to do to create your first information product and then choose either to sell it or offer it as free short reports.

Below is a sample of what an information product will look like in the forms of an eBook, Audio CD or Video CD:

Creating An Information Product

Creating An Information Product

Talking about short reports, I did an article that explains 5 Keys To Writing And Selling Short Reports That Pulls In Profits Like Crazy. I am sure this article will help bring you up to speed because short reports is one of the fast selling examples of an Information product.

So here comes the question – what is an INFORMATION PRODUCT?

An Information Product is simply a researched information, a knowledge or idea shared, an experience acquired or a step by step guide to solving a said problem.

In a simple English, an Information Product is information created in the form of an eBook, Audio or Video to teach or show a step by step guide or solution to a particular problem.

What the above definition means is that for you to be able to create an information product, you need to have a solution to the problem you are writing about. But let that not disturb or discourage you! The truth is that you don’t need to be an expert in weight loss management to teach others about losing weight or slimming down. You can use the expertise of others to put some cash in your bank account or better still gain reputation in your chosen niche, all you need is exposure to resourceful guides that will show you how to go about creating your information product. The article you are reading now is one of those guides that will help you get started, so it’s a THUMBS UP for you!

I talked about using the expertise of others to create your information product, that does not mean you should steal or copy people’s work. No…, what I mean is leveraging the available resources they have created and then try coming up with your own product.

Over the years, I have spent some good money buying other people’s information products some of which were PLR-Private Label Right and MRR-Master Resale Right, attending to seminars, registering for online classes and so on, and I can say that I found great ideas doing all those. This is exactly how you leverage the ideas of experts in the niche you plan selling in.

Leveraging the expertise of others in your chosen NICHE will help YOU achieve these 5 things FAST:

  1. Create a product you can consistently sell at a reasonable amount of money without even knowing or having a prior knowledge about the subject.
  2. Gain knowledge and skills from people who have been in the field before you.
  3. Easily create as many products as you can by gathering resourceful tools to rocket you to a quick money selling product (without doing the research yourself)
  4. Learn easy ways to build a lead list that will soon become your customers (with little effort)
  5. Expose you to the best brains in your chosen niche.

Now the above are some benefits of leveraging the expertise of others. Now lets see the simple 4 ways of coming up with ideas for your information products using the expertise of others: 

1. Google is your NO.1 Tool for Creating Information Products, Use it!

This is first on the list, and I usually do not miss it when I am coaching or having sessions with my clients. Most information marketers will never tell you the very first tool you need to make it big in the information marketing business. Some will usually skip this because they feel you already know it. But come on, all details must be spelled out! So here is the thing, Google is the foremost tool you must at all time leverage to craft ideas for your information product. In fact, it’s what you will be using to do your research and findings and since we are looking at the various ways of crafting ideas for creating your information product using other people’s expertise, Google stays on NO.1 of the list.

2. Buy Private Label Rights (PLR) Products and Overhaul them

Private Label Rights popularly abbreviated as PLRs are simply information products you can buy and resell. In other words, it means that someone had already created an ebook on a particular information and he’s now selling the ebook out, giving you the exclusive right to the book. By exclusive right, it means that once you legally purchase or buy the book from him, he gives you the Authorship right to the book, which means you can change the name of the Author to yours. Having Authorship also means you have the right to re-design it, and then sell it as your own (with your name and picture on it).  What I’m saying is you can do whatever you want to with them. To find a list of PLR materials on any Niche, you can Google something like

PLR material on how to lose weight” or, “Lose weight PLR material.” This is what you can Google if for instance you are trying to buy a PLR eBook on how to lose weight. Additionally, you can check out www.master-resale-rights.com and www.plrwholesaler.com for some ideas.

They usually say this option is for lazy people, but I don’t think so, because if you have an already made information product that’s already selling, you can easily create something good out of it and achieve 100% bigger than what the real Author achieved. You only become lazy with it when you buy and just sell it the way it was. At least let your presence be felt in the material as it will also help to add up to your credibility in that niche.

3. Leverage the Services/Activities on BIG Shot Market Places and Forums

By the time you get deep into information marketing and how it works, you will never have problems coming up with ideas on how to create your information product. There are BIG Shot Market places and Forums that you can visit to get ideas or get a heads up on what people will want to buy. Market places like Amazon.com, Clickbank.com and the host of others have so many information products people have created and they are already selling. All you have to do is visit and check the ones that are receiving higher number of views/reviews and then read their descriptions to get an idea of what your information product will look like and then hit Google for more broad ideas.

On the other hand, you can visit some forums like Yahoo answers, Quora, Nairaland (for those in Africa) and try reading up what people are posting as questions and then try picking them and working on solutions which you can convert into an information product. Remember the key is discovering or spotting those questions which people are asking that poses a problem to them. Your information product can never sell if it does not solve a trending problem…

Another place you can find inbound ideas on how to feed information into your product is by leveraging the ideas and knowledge shared on Article directories like the popular EzineArticles. Believe me there are a handful of articles on every Niche you wish to create information product on and they are all FREE for you to use. You will not be breaking any rules as long as you keep the author’s “resources box” at the bottom of the piece or on your references/recommendation page of your information product.

4. Take advantage of Information Marketing Seminars

Seminars have become the order of the day when it comes to one-on-one or physical training with people of interest. In fact seminars are part of the services one can offer in the information marketing industry. One good way to take advantage of it is by filming the event using your camera or your high-tech devices like smartphones, tablets and so on. If it’s a paid seminar and you paid to attend it, the presenter won’t be frowning at your camera, so you can use the film to your own advantage by creating a product out of what you filmed.

In most cases, some of the presenters will offer for sale their instructional materials or videos so you can take your time to watch and study them at home. When you see such offers, go ahead and take them because you will understand the product very well when you take your time to watch or read them at your own convenience. Such offers, in most cases will come in the form of an eBook, audio courses and videos.

The need to grab such offers when they come is because the person doing the seminar in most cases uses his outline to teach, which means he may be faster than your brain can comprehend at that moment but you will gain more understanding when you have the instructional materials yourself. So having such materials at your disposal is another way of coming up with ideas for creating your own information product.

Apart from leveraging the expertise of others you can still use what I like to call the 3Es-HP Rule to create your own information products. The Part 2 of this article is going to be “How to Create an Information Product Using the 3Es-HP Rule”, I will show you in details what this rule means, what it stands for and how you can use it to easily create your information products with no stress.

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How about you? Have you already created an Information Product before?

Have you created an information product before now? What other ways do you think one can adopt to easily create information products leveraging the expertise of others? I would like to hear from you in comments…


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