5 Keys To Writing And Selling Short Reports That Pulls In Profits Like Crazy

Have you heard of a hidden information marketing business that makes people pull out their wallet for you? In case you’ve not, it’s called “Short Reports!” I called it hidden because not too many Nigerians know that they can actually be making money just by writing short reports in the form of information products.

Short reports system of information marketing is not really a new form of online information marketing. It’s been in existence only that its practice is not as rampant as it is in the western world. But guess what? Nigerians are now reading online and are always ready to pay you for a piece of information you produce or provide for them.

Let me not bore you with more stories, I have decided to bring it on this blog so you can learn how to use information in the form of short reports to get Nigerians pull their wallet for you! I will be sharing with you a complete article I originally shared on my Content Marketing blog on writing and selling short reports. Let’s get started:

Short reports no doubt have remained one of the coldest and yet booming aspect of information marketing that puts some good Nairas in your pocket. I have in the past few months experienced the goodness of selling information products like that of short reports, and I can boldly say that the time invested into it was worth it…

So here is the thing – I would like you to join me in this business of writing short reports. Yes! that’s why I have changed some things about this blog. I am now committed to sharing with you information marketing and copywriting tips which I am certain is a good practical way of easily putting some money in your pocket (***that’s if you are the hard working type***)

writing short reports

Truth is this – if you can write a normal article, you will do well in short reports business. Copywriting skills or knowledge is an edge which you will have, but if you can craft a readable article you will be good to go in this business!

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I am sure you are aware of that fact that the easiest way to make money like your own boss online is by creating your own product?  I used to do much of affiliate marketing in the past and have come to a realization that nothing wins the game when you are selling or marketing your own product. The simple truth you must know is that “you must create your own product to be able to make that MONEY which you long desire to make.”

Here comes the era of writing short reports! Yes, it’s not like short reports are entirely new aspect  of information marketing, they have been invoke only that very few people know about it. The good thing about it is that is not like publishing a full book or writing a 50 paged eBook which takes several of your hours to produce. Writing short reports can only take you at least 2 hours or less if you have done your research and have everything you need to get started. You only get to write about 7 – 10 pages to get your message out there. Better put, for information product like short reports marketing system, you only get to write about 7 – 10 pages of report to pass your information in exchange for some reasonable amount of naira. Normally, these reports can sell for $6, $10 and above…

So you might ask – what exactly is short report? I will give a very lucid answer…

It’s simply a 7 – 15 (20 max) page report of an information that concisely proffered a solution to a said problem. Simply put, it’s a report that addresses a specific problem with working solutions.

So what’s the catch? Here is the thing, you don’t necessarily need to stay all day on the internet looking for how to make money, or writing numerous pages of books to make your first $$$…I want to show you the keys to writing and selling short reports so you too can start making your $$$ online even without having a prior knowledge of short reports information marketing system.

Below are five keys to writing and selling info products in form of short reports…

1. Identify an Existing Problem in Your Niche

The very first thing I must not fail to let you know is that short reports writing and selling work best when you choose a hungry niche (a niche that is badly hungry for an information.) When doing this make sure the niche is such that can pay for the information you are providing. This explains the reason why you should make sure you write in a niche hungry for a solution to a certain problem you have answers to. The idea is that since they are hungry for such information, paying for it becomes a piece of cake! The worst that will happen to you is investing in a niche that finds it hard to pull out their wallets in your favour.

Identifying an existing problem is the same as choosing a current hot topic that’s being discussed and then giving or proffering a lasting solution to the topic. This will not only bring you some few nairas but will also increase your lead list and customer base.

There are notable places where you can visit to read up what people are discussing, some of which include:

  • Niche blogs (look out for the hot topics posted there)
  • Niche forums like Yahoo answers, Warrior forum, Quora etc. (look out for which topic has the highest number of replies/comment thread)
  • Market places like Amazon, Clickbank (look out for those products with high views and passionate replies)
  • Offline marketing (of course, it doesn’t just end there! You can still dictate problems around you neighbourhood, working place, church and so on and come up with solutions to these problems by creating an information product in the form of short report)

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2. Offer the Solution Using Appealing Title

The first key is identifying a problem, now in solving that problem you will need to do it smartly so that it can sell. So far the very two words that work like fire in short reports business is “How To.” In fact the truth is that these two keywords are the most widely used when it comes to writing direct information that addresses a problem. It’s simple – when a reader or lead or what I will like to call your target market sees the “How To” of a problem he/she is having the very first thing that comes to his/her mind is to check it out, and from checking it, if you wrote a catchy short report you will be certain that lead has automatically turned into a customer and possibly a 100% repeat customer.

Another thing about using “How To” the title of your short reports is that they are two magical words that forces or compels people to take an action. As an information marketer, your goal should always be to cause people to take actions or decisions that will put some cool nairas in your bank account while offering valuable info products. Below is a comparison of few short report  titles that will show you the BIG PICTURE:

  • Home based importation  vs. How to Start a Home Based Importation In 3 Steps
  • Write Short Reports Online vs How to Write Short Reports that Puts Nairas in Your Pocket
  • Make $100 Writing Short Reports vs How to Earn $100 Writing Short Reports

I am sure you now have an idea of how “How To” work in short report information marketing? You can write as many as you want provided you are proffering lasting solution to the said problem.

3. If You Call it Monday, Let it Really be Monday!

The idea behind writing short reports is to sell them to the market where they can bring in some good nairas. Now I have talked about identifying a problem and offering a solution to it but there is more to that… and what would that be if you may ask?

The answer would be to offer 100 percent what you have promised to offer starting from the onset. Remember you are not just creating a report to add up to the number of your information products but to sell them and get paid for writing such reports. The only way you can achieve this is by providing what you promised to offer. I have read couple of short reports which started well with promises and at a point they deviate from the promise they made.

If by chance you do this, one thing is certain, you might succeed in selling that report but that may be the last info product you will be selling. This is simply the reason why I said “If you call it Monday, let it really be Monday.” Don’t promise a free report and end up asking for money or filling up the whole report with links to your checkout page with information contrary to what you promised.

If your short report is about losing weight, then make sure you show them practical ways of losing weight and nothing more. It will be absurd for your report to read “How to Lose 150 calories in 3 Months” and then inside the content you end up writing about “How to Make Money Online.

Always make sure you deliver on what the title of your short report has promised. Your mission should be to turn every single lead to a customer and make every customer a 100% repeat customer.

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4. Break Your Short Report into Parts One, Two and so on…

Like I said earlier, short report is an aspect of information marketing, which means it requires smart and persuasive ways of selling it. One way I have come to know that helps drive conversations and  sales of short reports is by breaking the report into parts, so you can have something like “How to Short Reports That Makes Money Online: Part 2” meaning you have already sold the part 1 of the series.

In most cases, you can create a report and see how performs in the market, once you are able to attract people’s attention in terms of rise in your list with positive comments on the product, you can create a Part 2 of the series and then offer it as bonus to those who purchased the Part 1. One thing is certain, if your Part 1 of the product was great, they will readily grab the Part 2 of it and then wait for Part 3 which you can now offer for sale at a price which you know they will never afford never to say NO.

The easiest way to sell short reports in Parts is by offering them at the beginning and at the end of each series you write. For example, if you wrote a short report on “How to Short Reports That Makes Money Online: Part 2” you can start by marketing the Part 1 at the beginning of the Part 2 by referring them to your landing page for Part 1. When doing this present it in such a way that the reader will see reasons to check out part 1 before reading the Part 2 of the “”How to Short Reports That Makes Money Online.

5. Start with Fair Price Structure and then Advance if Need Be

I usually do not like the idea of telling people that it’s only 200 out of 500 copies remaining because if what I am selling is real, I don’t need to make such announcements. But the truth is that in marketing such words are needed to increase your lead list and as well drive the desired sales needed.

If your short report sells for $17, you can strategically increase your sales by offering a bonus price $12 that’s a discount of $5 to the first 30 subscribers that buys your short report in less than 3 days of publishing it. There are several ways of doing this, you can use an automated scripts that increases the price or manually update your sales page yourself. This technique works like fire because most subscribers would do everything possible to buy your product within this framework or period of time.

But like I said, this option is worthless and needless if your short report is hot and loaded with positive information. You do not need to covertly force your info products on people, a good product sells on its own…

In Summary

Writing short reports is one silent way of making hundreds of Naira online and yet ignored by many internet marketers. I have found this system working and have decided it’s time you give it a shot. In the coming weeks, I will be sharing with you more insights on short reports writing. Till then, I suggest you join my email list using the opt in box below this post and on the sidebar of this blog so you will be among those to receive the tips once I drop them …

Over to You!

Have you been writing short reports before now? Which other techniques do you think one can use to write a short report that can appeal the market and drive conversations? Let’s get the knowledge sharing session started…

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